No. 13 Douglas Road
Pennington, 4184

4Dimension Engineering

4Dimension Engineering offers Civil, Strucutral and Geotechnical Engineering Consulting services which include the planning, design, construction and development of building, road, earthwork and water work development projects as well as the management and distribution of water resources, the optimization of traffic and transport services and the creation of sustainable infrastructures in Southern Africa.

What We Do:

Civil Engineering

Our primary service focus is the development and rehabilitation of roads, storm-water drainage systems, water systems including pipelines and reservoirs, waste-water / sanitation systems and building / property development.

Structural Engineering

Through our extensive experience, our professional engineers are able to offer clients rational assessments, structural designs, structural analysis and innovative engineering solutions to the challenges faced in development that accommodate our clients requirements.

Geotechnical Engineering

Our geotechnical engineers assist our clients in determining, developing and constructing safe, stable foundations and earthwork structures for their projects as well as providing full geological engineering assessment of the land.